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Ignite The Light Within Retreat
Ignite The Light Within Retreat
Aug 23, 12:00 PM
Land O' Lakes


Are you a healer?


Reiki Solo |$125  (Donation)

Reiki With Tibetan Singing Bowls|$125    (Donation)

Distant Reiki|$125   (Donation)

Shamanic Clearing| $44  for 30   minutes   (Donation)

Reiki Express  Solo|  $62 for  30 minutes (Donation)

Oracle Readings:

|$44    for 30 minutes (Donation)

|$80   for 60 minutes (Donation)

Home Cleansing:

|$222   for 1  story  (Donation)

 |$333   for 2 story    (Donation)

Reiki Level 1    $166  (Donation)

You will learn how to channel energy and heal yourself.

Reiki Level II    $188 (Donation)

You will learn how to send healing energy from a distance.

Reiki Level   III $222 (Donation)

In this class you will learn advanced healing techniques and will be given the correct ignition to be a certified Reiki Level III Practitioner.

Reiki Master/Teacher $777  (Donation)

This class is a culmination of all of your Reiki teachings in one. The student becomes the teacher in this 3-day course to mastery. Upon completion you will be given a Reiki master symbol. Must have completed Reiki Level 2 to enroll in this course.

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Jasmine is a Reiki  Master/Teacher that was trained under the tutelage of Reiki Master Maria Banas learning the Usui/Holy Fire method. In this intense training Jasmine learned how to cleanse auras, balance chakras, send healing from a distance, remove unwanted energies from homes, restore the energy and wellbeing of people and animals. Jasmine also gives guided meditations for beginners. She is also a singer/songwriter, her music is to help awaken and bring awareness to this generation and fill it with love and light. Jasmine has also finished her first year of training in Shamanism and has earned her Munay Ki rites from the lineage of the Inca Qero Peruvian Shamans

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What to expect during a healing session?

In every Reiki session Jasmine incorporates aromatherapy of clients choice and healing crystals.

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